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Sunday, 13 October 2013

What's really going on in the world!!

It doesn't take a genius to work out that a lot of what happens on the international political stage, revolves around oil and political power. How far though do we think, that our "leaders" would go, to achieve their objectives.

Question!! Who carried out the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers in New York?
The answer to that question of course comes into the realms of conspiracy theory and sub diffuse but Is it so off the wall to think that the American establishment would orchestrate such a heinous crime against so many innocent people? Well just hunt around on the internet and you'll find the evidence there.
Why would the US govt. do such a thing? Answer!! Pure GREED!!
America is the only remaining super power but what is the use of being a super power if there is no one to be a super power against.. Enter Al Qaeda.. Ah the war on terror, what an excellent way to keep the money flowing through the arms industry in the US. The aftermath of the 9/11 attacks gives the US justification to introduce draconian powers and detain people, without charge, under new terrorism laws. This will only get worse. We are gradually, quietly slipping toward living in police states. The reaction and effect on people in the Islamic world, to drone strikes by the US is the radicalization of young people, who since 9/11 have resorted to terrorism. The 9/11 plan is working.
The "Free" world is fighting this new war on terror but to what end. Soon the troops will pull out of Afghanistan and the Taliban will return. What a waste of life, all around. All to keep the weapons flowing off the production line.

If you are in any doubt consider this. On 9/11 a plane "allegedly" smashed into the Pentagon. Question!! Find a picture of that plane!! Surely there must be a photo of a massive passenger plane flying into one the heaviest guarded air spaces in the world. Surely!!

But no...

There is no picture because there was no plane.. A missile strike yes!! Plane, NO!

So what can we do about it??
Answer: Absolutely nothing.. unless you want the men in black turning up at your door, best thing is to keep quiet and scrape a living as best you can and give thanks that you live in a country that is not a war zone. People don't care, people just care about their own shit in life. A shame isn't it but that's the reality of the situation. There are some that try to bring these facts to the world at large but it is so easy to discredit the out spoken and marginalise any resistance to the status quo.

I for one however have my eyes wide open and will continue to spread the word of truth, to anyone who can be bothered to listen.