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Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Cornish Issue

Being an economic migrant living in England has one significant down side. I don't see any Cornish people, read any Cornish newspapers or Listen to any Cornish Radio stations. Then again the big advantage is that I can easily look at the general overview of the Cornish situation, in a reasonably objective manner.

I could spend the next 2000 words explaining why I am Cornish and not English, thankfully others have done that already. So i I will keep it brief and to the point I am trying to make. So as you know my favourite football match was Germany 1-5 England so don't think i am anti English, far from it.

Cornwall is Cornwall.. Pick one of six variations of our Celtic language and study the Kingdom of Wessex in relation to Cornwall, if you really want to go into it. Fact is this, in the 14th Century, after around 350 years of the King of Cornwall paying homage to Wessex its predecessor in title (and all that jazz). Cornwall was made a Duchy (in 1337 apparently).
So what does that mean?
Well it meant that Cornwall was not part of the English Royal Estate. Long story short. Any kind of taxation that would be payable to England was constitutionally paid, legitimately to the Duke of Cornwall. If you die in England with no Heir apparent, guess who gets it all. The Queen!! In Cornwall it goes to the Duke of Cornwall.
OK with me so far?
There have been many acts of parliament etc. that have maintained that Cornwall is not part of England. For the most accurate website, backed up by genuine sources go to >>

The Duke of Cornwall has a propoganda website that im sure you can find if you cared to.

Now about a decade or so ago the national press got onto this tax avoidance issue by the Duke of Cornwall and as a result he started making voluntary contributions. Good I hear you say!
Well the problem is that whilst Charles Windsor, the Duke of Cornwall and all the dukes before him have enjoyed the benefit of Cornwall being a Duchy (A sovereign state of Britain) the people of Cornwall have gradually been absorbed into England and are not recognised as Cornish..
This contradiction is SUCH a massive crime against the Cornish and guess what, MP's are banned from asking questions in the House of Commons in regard to the Cornish Constitution.
Efforts have been made to see documents relating to this issue under the Freedom of Information Act and have been rejected as "Not being in the public Interest"
There was me thinking that we live in a Democracy!
So why would anyone care if you aren't Cornish?
Well google how much money Cornwall has provided to the Prince of Wales over the centuries and you'll get an idea as to just how big a crime has been committed..
The whole situation is a total scandal and the only people to have suffered are the people of Cornwall. If Cornwall is a Sovereign State of Great Britain then it's people should be recognised as so. We can't even register ourselves as Cornish on the census returns that we are all compelled to fill in, we have to put "other".. Something I will be campaigning to change over the next few years.
Well there you go I have tried to keep it as brief as possible a potted history of Cornwall.
If you are interested in finding out more, Wikipedia has some excellently sourced pages about the Cornish language, culture and the Duchy of Cornwall.
The fight for
will never end!!

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