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Friday, 9 November 2012

There should be a public enquiry into the Constitutional Status of Cornwall.

There should be a public enquiry into the Constitutional Status of Cornwall.
There is no documentary evidence stating that Cornwall has ever been a part of England, the evidence shows quite clearly that Cornwall is a Sovereign State of Great Britain. Prince Charles, Duke of Cornwall enjoys the privileges associated with Cornwall being a Duchy, which include the power to veto Government Legislation and the ability to avoid paying taxation from the Duchy to the Government.
Cornwall is a nation and should be recognised as so. Attempts to obtain documents relating to this matter under the freedom of information act have been rejected on the grounds that they are “not in the public interest”. MP’s are forbidden from asking questions in the House of Commons in relation to Cornwall’s constitutional position. This is un-democratic and the truth should be exposed immediately. Whatever you political stance in Cornwall, be you a Nationalist, Devolutionist or Unionist, we all share one thing in common, at the very least. The Recognition of Cornwall as a nation.

This issue should become depoliticised and we should all push to achieve the first step to full independence. After this step those that do not believe can fall by the wayside but achieving the first step of recognition will help the devolution cause and then the republic cause.
We must not be get so wrapped up in political issues to ignore the fact that full independence would, most likely, require a referendum, which at the moment would probably not be supported by a majority of the people of Cornwall.

MK please support me on this because I know, there are plenty enough Cornish folk that would support it, that don't vote MK in elections.
Also the wording of the petition itself opens up the door to people outside of Cornwall supporting it as it is a matter of democracy. The govt. say we are part of England, so let's play them at their own game and gain English peoples support.
Don't think that I have any other kind of hidden agenda here, I would vote yes in a referendum on independence,  but I do not like our nation status getting lost in politics. I hope that you can at least understand that. 

I got fed up of hearing Cornish people reject nationalism time and time again, so I'm just trying to find a way to motivate them ALL.
If you don't get behind it then this will probably be the last time, that I attempt to influence the matter and I will probably become, like so many, accepting of the staus quo.

If anyone even reads this.. :S

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